Why ConsERV™


ConsERV™ breaks new barriers in efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity. No other fixed plate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) delivers the performance of our patented ConsERV™ while providing the required fresh air supply. ConsERV™ has the flexibility and adaptability to meet any ERV need.

ConsERV™ Advantages:

  • AHRI-certified and ETL listed
  • Highest Latent Effectiveness in its class
  • Solid nano-technology – non-nicroporous
  • 0% leakage of air streams regardless of differential pressure
  • Prevents odors and allergens from crossing into fresh air
  • Fixed plate technology has no moving parts to maintain
  • Easy installation and care
  • Reduces humidity and environment for mold
  • No condensate, drain pan, or parasitic energy loss
  • Eliminates pathogens: COVID-19, E. coli, Staphylococcus
  • Improves health, cognition, and productivity

Be Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise

ConsERV™ increases efficiency and productivity which saves money, protects people from pathogens, improves health and cognition, and lowers drivers for climate change for a sustainable future.

Superior Heat and Moisture Transfer

65% or greater effectiveness year-around

The ConsERV™ core uses nanotechnology for total system effectiveness of greater than 65%. It transfers humidity into the fresh air stream in winter and reduces moisture during high outdoor humidity in summer, providing energy savings and comfort. And, ConsERV™ saves energy while satisfying ASHRAE and federal fresh air requirements.

Energy Efficiencies for Meaningful ROI

0 to 5 year return

ConsERV™ performance and rock-solid reliability reduces the size and cost of the rest of your HVAC system, which in some installations will entirely offset the cost of the ConsERV™ unit. Retrofit projects that don’t downsize the remainder of the HVAC system still generally pay back the capital investment within five years with the savings in operational expenses.

Protection from Pathogens

99.9% of Covid-19, E. Coli, and Staphylococcus eliminated

The nanomaterial used in the ConsERV™ core called Aqualyte™ selectively conducts water molecules and blocks all other particles, gases, and chemicals. The American Society for Testing and Materials confirms Aqualyte™ inactivates human coronaviruses (E1053) and bacteria (E2149) with no fungal (G21) or bacterial growth (G22) to keep people healthier.

Reduced Footprint

Up to 50% smaller HVAC equipment

ConsERV™ has been leading the energy recovery market with the highest certified latent effectiveness in its class for over two decades. Our proprietary nanotechnology and processes used with other HVAC systems reduces the size of equipment needed by up to 50% and lowers CO2 emissions by 1.95 lb/hour per ton.

Improves Cognitive Performance

61% cognitive improvement with fresher air

Studies from the National Institute of Health found that exposure to CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) at levels found in conventional office buildings are associated with lower cognitive scores. Reducing VOC pollutants resulted in a 61% improvement and adding 2X ASHRAE ventilation rate resulted in a 101% improvement. Better indoor air quality makes your people smarter so they perform better.

An average ConsERV™ system avoids emitting 100+ tons of CO2 per year.