Fresh Air for
Our Future.

Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) for heating and air‑conditioning systems.

Fresh Air for
Our Schools.

ConsERV™ keeps students healthier and promotes clear thinking.

Fresh Air for
Our Businesses.

ConsERV™ improves employee performance and productivity.

Fresh Air for
Our Industries.

ConsERV™ lowers energy cost in demanding environments.

Fresh Air for
Our Homes.

ConsERV™ improves your family’s health year‑round.

ConsERV™ is a fixed-plate Energy Recovery Ventilator that moderates heat and humidity in demanding climates to deliver fresh air.

Count on ConsERV™ to perform better, safer, and longer while reducing carbon emissions — all for less money than any other ERV solution.

Highest Performing ERV

  • Maximum efficiency at lowest cost
  • Breakthrough ERV nanotechnology
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Eliminates pathogens while supplying fresh air
  • Averts CO2 emissions

ConsERV™ is the financially and environmentally responsible option.

  • Why ConsERV™

    ConsERV™ performs better, safer, and longer while reducing carbon emissions for less money than other HVAC solutions.


  • How it Works

    ConsERV™ uses our patented nanostructured polymer called Aqualyte™ to help deliver fresh air and conserve energy.


Air conditioners account for 20% of electricity used in buildings worldwide.This trend will grow as the world’s economic and demographic growth becomes more focused in hotter countries. In fact, the International Energy Agency predicts energy demand for air conditioning will triple by 2050.*
* Bloomberg, 2022

Owners · Architects · Contractors

ConsERV™ is versatile and perfectly suited for the following environments.

  • Municipal / Schools
  • Commercial / Medical
  • Office / Industrial
  • Residential / Hospitality

Reliable Energy Savings for Rapid Return on Investment

20-67% OPEX Savings *

Lower HVAC operating costs with energy savings and maintenance reductions by using ConsERV.

30% CAPEX Savings **

Typical reduction in HVAC capacity for new installations using ConsERV.

*Based on Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certifications and varying amounts of ventilation air.
**United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) study.

  • Superior

    Highest Performing ERV in Class

  • Trusted

    Over 40K Units Sold Worldwide

  • Efficient

    Third-Party Rated: High Performance & Long Lifetime

  • Sustainable

    Avert up to 28 MT of annual CO2 emissions per 1,000 CFM of fresh air